io-consultants plans new logistics center for TRUMPF

Ditzingen - 17.11.2015

High-tech company TRUMPF is erecting a new logistics center at its Ditzingen headquarters; shell construction work is due to begin in November 2015. With its current warehouse facilities bursting at the seams on account of the Group’s strong growth, TRUMPF decided on a newbuild and will be investing 35 million euros in the premises over the next two years. io-consultants from Heidelberg has been supporting the project as general planner from the start.

With more than 30,000 stockable materials and over 1,000 daily shipments, the current central warehouse in Ditzingen is the pivotal hub of global logistics at TRUMPF. Most shipments are next-day consignments. “The new logistics center will have an even stronger focus on the maximum availability of spare parts and short processing times. Stock control and product selection will be completely restructured for the purpose,” says Adrian Siegler, partner at io-consultants.

TRUMPF will be introducing several new practices to better meet the rising requirements of its international customers.
Stock control will incorporate inventory turnover for just-in-time processing of rush orders, for instance. An optimal combination of automated and manual warehouse processes will enable flexible responses to order fluctuations and changing circumstances. A new warehouse management system based on SAP EWM with a direct interface to the automated warehouse will ensure optimal response times. Furthermore, TRUMPF will maximize process transparency with the aid of simultaneous data and material flows across the whole intralogistics chain. “Our goal is to set benchmarks in effectiveness and efficiency with professional, state-of-the-art spare parts logistics, and to achieve exceptional reliability and stability,” says Sven Müller, Logistics Manager at TRUMPF. The new building, within direct reach of the A81 motorway, will be 18 metres high and cover an area of 13,000 sqm. It will be equipped with the latest warehouse and picking technology and systems. Besides the automatic small parts storage with more than 20,000 container storage places for fast-moving parts, there will also be manual small parts shelving on four levels for slow-moving items, and various pallet racks for large and bulky products. Around 1,700 sqm of space will be reserved for offices.

TRUMPF and io-consultants already have a history of successful collaboration. In 2012 io‑consultants created the overarching project strategy and has since been responsible for the fine planning and tendering processes. Earthworks at the site began in September. The new spare parts center is due to go live at the beginning of 2017.


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