io-consultants plans canteen kitchen technology for refugee accommodation in Neuss

Heidelberg - 24.5.2016

io-consultants was commissioned by Neusser Bauverein AG to plan and equip the canteen kitchen of a new central accommodation facility for refugees in Neuss. The newbuild in the southeastern part of town will serve as interim accommodation for up to 1,000 asylum seekers before they are relocated to different cities and communities. Completion is scheduled for the end of 2016.

“One of the key requirements for the canteen was to plan an efficient self-service area. With up to 1,000 people expected at each mealtime, it is vital to prevent congestion and keep the queues at the serving counter as short as possible,” says Torsten Brendel, partner at io-consultants.

All the meals will be freshly prepared for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There will be three queuing points, each with its own serving station, and the tray return and dishwashing areas have been designed to avoid overlaps with the food serving zone.

io-consultants’ planning and realisation services include the main kitchen, the serving counters, the dishwashing facilities, the cold stores, and the refrigeration equipment in the preparation areas. At the project outset, io-consultants investigated the economic pros and cons of total in-house production versus external meal deliveries. The feasibility study, which considered various options of using nearby third-party caterers, revealed inhouse production as the more efficient solution.


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