io-consultants intensifies cooperation with KIT’s Institute for Material Handling and Logistics

Heidelberg - 24.4.2017

io-consultants and the Institute for Material Handling and Logistics (IFL) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) are further extending their cooperation. In the upcoming summer semester 2017, Dr. Jens Ludwig, Senior Consultant in Logistics Planning at io consultants, will be supporting the “Warehouse and distribution systems” lecture series with his wealth of practical experience. “The goal is to combine theoretical academic content with hands-on practice in order to give the students a realistic impression of the daily workings of logistics planning,” says Professor Kai Furmans, delighted at io consultants’ participation.

io consultants and the IFL have been cooperating for several years, bringing theory to practice. Recent examples include jointly run excursions to LSG Sky Chefs and Capri-Sun, and last semester’s presentation by io-consultants of a case study on warehouse dimensioning. The presentation, which was part of the lecture series on the theory of material flows and a first for io consultants, included a contest and an invitation for the two winning teams to io consultants’ headquarters in Heidelberg to discuss the outcomes with the company’s logistics experts. This type of interplay between theory and practice provides the students with an excellent insight into the logistics planning profession. Adrian Siegler, partner at io consultants, was very impressed with the detailed and precise composition of the respective groupwork papers.

The next joint excursion, to Hugo Boss, is already scheduled for later this year.



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