io-consultants gives customised SAP IT support

Heidelberg - 3.5.2016

The cooperation between io-consultants and the KOMET GROUP has gone from strength to strength since io-consultants took on the logistics planning and realisation of an automatic small parts warehouse for KOMET, a leading single-source supplier for precision tools, in 2012.

“After completion of an SAP project with our customers, we continue to offer them comprehensive support tailored to their individual needs,” says Sebastian Molle, Senior Consultant at io-consultants. “This often leads to long-term and trustful relationships that provide a basis for prompt reactions to further optimisation needs and thus improve our customers’ competitive power in the logistics sector.”

In the KOMET GROUP project of 2012, io-consultants conducted all the tendering processes and supervised the realisation of the automatic small parts warehouse with 32,000 storage units and integrated the adjoining manual warehouse functions into the overall logistics concept. Further to the interface management between logistics and IT, io consultants was also in charge of defining and solving all SAP WM-related requirements, which mainly involved restructuring the incoming and outgoing goods processes. Paperless processing was introduced and a computer installed for all material flow processes, including the PLCs for the miniload stackers and the conveyor technology to and from the automatic small parts warehouse. An interdisciplinary team of experts from logistics, architecture and IT had the facilities up and running within a mere nine months. Everything was on schedule, not least due to the lean, efficient and uncomplicated communication between the various parties.

In the next stage, io-consultants’ SAP IT experts drafted a support concept for further optimisation at KOMET and non-everyday issues. General support requests for inventory or standby assistance in the run-up to release upgrades, for instance, are organised with a user-friendly ticket system that allows the client to stay focused on the support issues. Other, enhanced services were also handled by io-consultants. They involved more complex optimisation projects that required separate planning. Extended order processing via the automatic small parts warehouse for managing individual customer stock, and the introduction of weighing scales in RFID controlled incoming goods processing are two examples of such enhanced services.

“These customised support arrangements with io-consultants help us to react quickly to changes in warehouse operations, and to any other requirement shifts in future. Everything is running smoothly,” says Frank Janner, head of organisation at the KOMET GROUP.

The KOMET GROUP has been an innovation leader in the precision tools sector for over 90 years now, developing, manufacturing and selling customer-specific solutions and premium products for all stages of production. KOMET presently employs more than 1,600 staff in its 22 subsidiaries which operate in around 50 countries worldwide.


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