io-consultants and
io-DigitalSolutions at the JCNetwork Days in Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe - 23.–26.5.2019

Our experts from io-consultants and io-DigitalSolutions were represented at the JCNetworks association conference, the umbrella organization of student management consultancies, from 23 to 25 May 2019 and offered workshops on Business Excellence and IT.

At the six-monthly JCNetwork Days, the association's conference, the approximately 600-700 participants (junior consultants) from all over Germany and from various disciplines were given the opportunity to further their education, exchange experiences and got to know companies in training courses, workshops and relaxed exchange rounds. On Thursday evening, May 23, the event started with a network evening. On May 24, the students got to know our consulting and planning specialists in the company contact lounge and learn all about our diverse entry opportunities in the business areas of supply chain/logistics planning, factory/process planning, IT/SAP consulting and architecture.

In addition, our factory planning and IT experts offered two workshops on Saturday, 25 May: the first workshop dealt with the acquisition of a supplier on the basis of a real business case from the point of view of factory planning. Modern and practically relevant planning tools, such as the 3D planning model with virtual reality representation and methods, were taken up and actively applied. The second workshop showed the agile project procedure in an SAP implementation project based on the SCRUM methodology to introduce a new warehouse management software.

The JCNetwork is represented at 34 locations in Germany with 35 consultancies and 2,200 students from different disciplines. The umbrella organization was founded in 2002.


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