Successful investment project: Dr. Franz Köhler Chemie inaugurates new manufacturing facility

Bensheim - 31.7.2015

The new manufacturing site for CUSTODIOL®, the market leading organ protective solution of Dr. Franz Köhler Chemie, was inaugurated after a construction period of only 18 months. A total of 17 million euros was invested in the project. Increasing global demand for CUSTODIOL® made the construction of a new plant inevitable. With further growth expected, the prospect of additional jobs at the new site will undoubtedly have a positive impact on Bensheim and the region reaching up to Frankfurt and southwards to Heidelberg. io-consultants, the industrial planning and consulting company from Heidelberg, was responsible for the entire project planning. From concept planning to realisation, io-consultants analysed, planned and verified all the processes and carried out the final qualification. The company's professional management of all the parties involved in the construction, TBE and processes significantly contributed to the project’s successful completion. Through all the stages, Dr. Franz Köhler Chemie benefited from io-consultants’ optimal and efficient process management and innovative use of technology.

Production of CUSTODIOL® at the new plant officially started in June. The protective solution, which is predominantly used in heart transplant surgery, will also be packed and prepared for worldwide shipment at the new site in Bensheim. Dr. Köhler Chemie currently exports CUSTODIOL® to 96 countries, and is investing substantially in the research and development of further products to the future benefit of physicians and patients alike. The new plant therefore comprises an additional building with laboratories located right next to the manufacturing hall.

All production complies with national and international GMP standards, which were at the focus of attention during the planning of the plant, guaranteeing a continuous high standard of quality for the customer. The manufacturing site (clean room classes C and D) spans 1.750 m² and comprises all functional areas such as utilities supply (water, gases, agents, etc.), weighing, preparation, filling, final sterilisation, packaging and storage. The intravenous bags (100 ml to 5000 ml) are filled in a state-of-the-art filling and sealing machine and sterilised with hot water spray. 

District commissioner Matthias Wilkes held the inauguration speech at the festive event which was attended by 80 special guests and 150 employees. In his very personal address he stressed the importance of family-owned enterprises for the quality and productivity of society as a whole.


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