PCB factory reconstructed in record time

Niedernhall - 30.3.2016

In December 2014, a major fire on the premises of Würth Elektronik in Niedernhall destroyed parts of production and the offices. Now, following a construction period of only twelve months, the PCB production lines are rolling again. Heidelberg-based consulting and planning company io-consultants played a key role in the rebuilding project, with overall responsibility for clean room planning and project coordination and controlling.

io-consultants’ extensive cross-industry experience in pharmaceuticals, clean room planning and logistics was put to good use throughout all the project phases, from initial concept to detailed planning and realisation. As a result, the company has significantly contributed to creating one of Europe's most modern PCB production plants.

A main challenge lay in the technical complexity of production on the one hand, and the need for reconstruction within a very short space of time on the other. “This project could only be realised in record time because of the short decision-making channels in the planning team, especially on the part of our client,” says Steffen Moll, project manager at io-consultants. A further huge time-saver was the reconstruction at the existing site, which dispensed with the need for additional approvals or the fulfilment of other obligations.

In the process planning phase, io-consultants was responsible for the coordination of the equipment setup and the clean room installation. The project team purchased more than 100 new machines and coordinated their assembly and setup. Furthermore, an innovative clean room system with self-supporting cabins was installed - a construction that allows for span widths of up to 9.5 metres without the use of space-consuming supports.

io-consultants used its interdisciplinary expertise to accomplish parallel planning and implementation with a compact team and efficient coordination processes.

“Of the many challenging construction projects I have seen and managed, this was in many respects the most complex of them all,” says Daniel Klein, CEO of Würth Elektronik CBT. “I recently gave our international sales team a guided tour through production and everyone was most impressed! We have invested a huge amount of time and effort in this project, but it has been worth all the hard work. These state-of-the-art facilities provide us with an excellent foundation for the future.”

Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology is an established leading PCB manufacturer in Europe. From samples and prototypes to medium- and large-volume series, Würth Elektronik offers all standard PCB technologies from a single source. In 2015, Würth Elektronik employed more than 1,000 staff and generated sales worth EUR 120 million.


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