Karlsruhe Institute of Technology students and io-consultants visit LSG Sky Chefs

Frankfurt - 24.11.2015

On Tuesday, 24 November 2015, the planning and consulting company io-consultants welcomed 20 students from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) at its Heidelberg headquarters before joining them on a tour of LSG Sky Chefs’ catering facilities in Frankfurt. LSG Sky Chefs is the world’s largest airline caterer. io-consultants planned the firm’s new catering facilities and saw the project through to completion, including the installation of production, cooling, warewashing and waste disposal equipment and the material flow and logistics systems.

The one-day excursion to Frankfurt was organised in cooperation with KIT’s Institute for Material Handling and Logistics and ties in with a lecture on the principles of technical logistics. “This type of excursion complements the lectures from a practical perspective and gives the students direct insights into the technologies behind the scenes,” says KIT lecturer Dr. Martin Mittwollen. Thomas Kilimann, Managing Director at 
io-consultants, adds: “Many of our staff are KIT graduates, so we make a point of cultivating our contacts with the institute and planning such joint activities”.

In Heidelberg, the day began with a company presentation by Christian Schindler, logistics planner at io-consultants, and an introduction of the LSG Sky Chefs project by Julius Weis, io-consultants’ Business Unit Manager for Catering & Healthcare. There then followed a discussion session and useful information about the consulting and planning profession, before the group set off for Frankfurt.

The concept of the catering plant in Gateway Gardens Frankfurt focuses on providing the highest level of food quality at significantly lower energy expenditure and short processing times. It will cater for up to 90,000 meals per day. To this purpose, processes were revised and the technical and system requirements fine-tuned, leading to completely new solutions.

Before touring the facilities, everyone was first familiarised with the necessary hygiene regulations and fitted out with protective clothing. At the end of the day, io-consultants thanked the students for their interest, and KIT and LSG Sky Chefs for this unique opportunity.


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