I.N. MEET & GREET: Trends and innovations in logistics and production

Heidelberg - 31.1.2020

At yesterday's New Year's reception of the Intralogistics Network Baden-Württemberg at io-consultants GmbH & Co. KG in Heidelberg, network members and potentially interested parties investigated trends and innovations in the logistics and production environment under the motto "MEET & GREET - we make encounters possible".

Prof. Dr. Michael Hauth, Chairman of the Intralogistics Network Baden-Württemberg, took over the moderation of the network event, which offers a communication and networking platform to bundle competences, initiate projects and accelerate innovations. The experts from io-consultants presented current trends in logistics and production in keynote speeches and, in a concluding get-together with participating network members, discussed how the topic of productivity can be driven forward. The event was accompanied by a Virtual Reality Live-Demo by io-consultants, with which the test persons were able to move virtually in a warehouse and production site and were shown the numerous potentials of VR in industrial planning.

Christian Schindler, Senior Consultant at io-consultants, presented in his lecture the solution-oriented planning approach "Lead Consulting // plus" by io-consultants. The challenges in Lead Consulting // plus projects include mainly the numerous internal and external stakeholders and project participants and the resulting interfaces. "The coordination and control of the interface partners is a decisive success factor in large-scale projects. We at io-consultants accompany our clients as general planners from strategy development, concept planning, detailed planning, tendering and awarding to implementation support and start-up management with interdisciplinary teams of architects, logistics planners and IT experts", Christian Schindler outlines the advantages of the Lead Consulting // plus approach.

Jaakob Voigt, Senior Consultant at io-consultants, agreed with the solution-oriented approach. He presented trends and innovations in the logistics and production environment. "There are many expectations for innovations in the area of Industry 4.0, meanwhile many projects are in the implementation phase", says Jaakob Voigt. Focusing and implementing innovations is important, he said, in order to increasingly optimize individual areas in production. Data, algorithms and flexibility are important prerequisites for sales growth, improved results and plant utilization along the value chain.

The general tenor of the event was that productivity should not suffer as a result of technological advances, but should rather be increased through the targeted use of new solutions.


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