Christmas is a time for wishes to come true

Heidelberg - 21.12.2021

The io-group gives joy at Christmas.

As every year, it was time to choose a wish list, get presents and bring joy to young and old at the children's home. On the 21st of December io-consultants presented the Luise Scheppler-Heim with the gifts, that the children and teenagers will receive for Christmas.

Since 2016, io-consultants has carried out the Christmas gift campaign in cooperation with the Luise Scheppler-Heim in Heidelberg. Whether residential groups for adolescents or emergency admission groups for small children – depending on their age, the children/adolescents accommodated there, or their caregivers write the wish lists, which are hung on our Christmas tree at the Heidelberg office. Once again, our employees were invited to fulfill these wishes.

"Every year we look forward to this campaign. On behalf of the home, I would like to thank you for your effort and commitment," says Mario Schmid, Board Member of the Luise Scheppler-Heim.

Additionally, a financial donation from management makes it possible for the facility to go on an excursion or engage in various activities.

Luise Scheppler-Heim
The Luise Scheppler-Heim is a youth welfare facility and provides services in accordance with the Child and Youth Welfare Act (KJHG). The responsible body is the Luise Scheppler-Heim e.V. The association is a member of the Diakonisches Werk. The institution was founded in 1924 by the youth welfare office of the Mannheim parish.
As a special form of family support, various types of accommodation are offered in the home. The temporary separation of the child/adolescent and the associated relief of the family system should be the starting point for solutions that have to be worked out together with the family.


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