io-consultants uses proven methods to create customized solutions

The strong cooperation and effective interaction between our interdisciplinary teams is the foundation of our holistic planning and implementation services. Our professional project management ensures systematic, efficient and transparent project workflows at all times. Using our own project execution methodology and a specially developed cloud based platform, we are the reliable partner at your side.

How we work

Common to all planning projects at io-consultants is that our experts are trained to follow a structured sequence of events. We have a tool-based approach during all project phases and we use proven methods and modules appropriate for each individual situation.

We provide the following services:

  • 1. Strategy development

    Logistikplanung Phase 1 Strategieentwicklung
    • Supply chain design
    • Optimization of transport costs
    • Inventory optimization
    • Site Selection
    • Production capacity
    • Reduction in production through-put times
    • Outsourcing / operator models
    • Forecasts and growth


  • 2.  Concept planning

    Logistikplanung Phase 2, Konzeptplanung
    • Data analysis and verification
    • Visualization of material flows
    • Value stream mapping and design (VSD) and process parameters
    • Production assessment / auditing
    • Material handling design for equipment and picking systems
    • Development of block layouts
    • Concept design, master planning and site analysis
    • Business case with invest, operating costs and personnel
    • Management presentations and 3D visualizations
  • 3. Detailed planning and tender processes

    Phase 3, Feinplanung
    • Detailed planning of all equipment
    • Detailed layout of production, warehouse and functional areas
    • Simulation of material flows
    • Relocation and migration planning
    • Validation of material flows
    • Specification of systems and equipment
    • Development of bidding documents
    • Supplier selection
    • Evaluation of proposals
    • Bidding & contracting
    • Budget and cost monitoring


  • 4. Implementation supervision

    io-consultants bietet Unterstützung bei der Realisierung und Inbetriebnahme
    • Testing and approval of specification and shop drawings
    • Monitoring of the setup and installation processes
    • Quality assurance and control
    • Budget tracking and monitoring
    • Tests and acceptance procedures
    • Relocation support
    • KPI monitoring
  • 5. Ramp-up management

    Phase 5, Start-Up Management
    • Shop floor meetings and trainings
    • Introduction of shop floor management
    • Ramp-up and process stabilization
    • Optimization and monitoring of ramp-up curve
    • Relocation support
    • Risk management
    • Troubleshooting
    • KPI monitoring

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About io‑consultants

io-consultants provides integrated consulting, design and planning services for production, logistics and supply chain management, as well as for architecture and IT projects. Since our launch in 1958, we have been helping our clients improve their supply and value chain with a wide range of services: from developing ideas into strategies to implementing complex industry projects as a lead consultant.