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White paper: value stream based approach to factory design in a make-to-order production with seasonal demand fluctuations

A building expansion is required to meet increasing demand in a make-to-order production system with strong seasonal fluctuations. How can this be planned in a systematic and sustainable way?

In the case at hand, a new production line was to be added at a factory for shading systems, requiring an annex on a neighboring plot of land. The white paper illustrates how value stream mapping was used to reveal the weak points in the existing production flows, and how improvement opportunities were developed in a value stream design workshop. The resulting layout for a holistic production system was subsequently implemented at the new site. Ensuing synergy effects have led to reduced handling and transport costs and significantly shorter throughput times.

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White Paper "Assembly Supply: Flexible. Economic. Dependable."

Find the best approach for your assembly supply process.

Increasing product individualisation and the resulting smaller lot sizes in assembly systems place high requirements on the flexibility and reliability of intralogistic supply processes. Many companies are presented with the challenge of selecting the best solution from the many diverse supply and transport systems on the market. In contrast to lighthouse projects in the media, the cost-effectiveness of each option is a deciding factor in a manufacturing environment.

The presented white paper describes the systematic evaluation of supply concepts for an facility with 40 assembly cells. Every hour, over 80 pallets and kitted carts are required to supply the assembly cells with parts and packaging materials. At first sight it appears to be a classic case for tugger trains… but does it have to be?

In our white paper we highlight four alternatives: manual tugger trains, automated tugger trains, forklift AGVs, and carrier AGVs. Identify the best suited solution for your application here.  

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